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New Found Hope


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The Deleted Guestbook Entries!

Past guestbook entries have said:

Jennifer said: Hey paul!!!!!!!! WEll..., mr. basketball fan, that eats breathes, and sleeps basketball!!!, have fun! good site too, i don't even have one...i just don't want to make one...but i do like to read everyone else's!!! :0 :0) WEll, have a great rest of the day...and nice to know that u "figured it all out!!!" ~Luv, Jen

Melissa said: hey paul, kool site! ttyl -melissa

Tony said: Cool Site. Warning to all watch out for Japan. Ask me about the warning for further details.

Sami said: Hey its Sami from NewLife.Thats a cute website.but needs somemore pictures in it ok..buhbye

As more people come to this site this section will get bigger.