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New Found Hope


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This is where I who is outside, shout in.

To Beckie: I know your evil little secret. ;-P
To Nick: How''d you like to be power-bombed though the floor? :-D
To Clay: Wercs Oram!
To Tony: WHAT do you mean to many Tesla Troopers!?!
To Oliver: You gonna eat that?
To Coach Hughes: Sit down and let me coach! :-P
To Brian: Thanks for the lucky belt!
To the Rest of the Team: Great hair.
To Osbourne: The BIG guys.
To The JH boyz: Never mess with Boy scouts!
To Megan and Sarah: My two little sisters! Keep on growing in God!
To Petru: I've known you for 6 months and you've already changed so much, keep up the goodwork.
To Jason: I hate you. :-D
To those who doubt and those who cry: Smile Jesus loves you!
To John: BLARG!
To Jon Paul: Embrace the ways of the hippo.
To Steve: If you hadn't drank so much coffee you'd be taller than me!
To Erika: The songs they're so confusing!
To Anthony: HA! You lack my skills in Worm Combat!
To Susan: Are you always that hyper?
To Cory: El Woopadd!
To Nathan: Fly high but don't die!
To Cherie: I owe you everything!
To Jason: I owe you something to!
To Jeff: Free throw mania!
To Kat: #10!
To Corinth: #9!
To Davide: Davide is bored!
To ??????: BLAH BLAH BLAH!!
To Everybody I forgot: Just send me a email and I will add you on.

In the End,
Will you still be my Friend?
Or will I simply die?
With a question of why?